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    What are specialty consumer reporting agencies?

    Specialty consumer reporting agencies collect and share information about your history including housing, employment, medical and banking records. This article from the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau breaks it down into more detail. From the article: Reports may be compiled for your history of: Opening or using bank accounts (including writing or bouncing checks or overdrafts) Apartment rental payments […]

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    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues warning to specialty reporting agencies

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has repeatedly issued warning to specialty reporting agencies that are selling consumers information.  Back in November “the agency released a bulletin to nationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies underscoring their obligation under the law to provide a streamlined process for consumers to request a free annual consumer report. After reviewing a number […]

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    How to Fact Check Your Specialty Consumer Report

    This article from the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau explains why you should know what’s in your specialty reports. From the article, ” You probably already know that when you apply for a loan, many lenders will get information about your credit history from one of the big three consumer reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). This […]

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Did you know there are dozen of reports about your rental, medical and banking history? These "specialty" credit reports are just as important as the standard credit report! And according to Federal law all consumers have the right to request a copy of their files from the specialty credit reporting companies.