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Download a sample form to request a free annual copy of your Telecheck Services Report from Telecheck Services Inc. All individual consumers are entitled to an annual disclosure to dispute inaccurate information.


Product Description

Have you recently received a notice from TeleCheck Services?

You have the right to get a free report from Telecheck consumer reporting agency, once a year or if they send an “adverse action” notice.

Want to find out what’s in your secret

Select “Add to Cart” for a sample form to request a free annual copy of your Telecheck Service Report from Telecheck Services, a risk management company that provides verification, guarantee and risk analytics to thousands of businesses that choose to accept checks as a form of payment for goods or services. It is also considered to be  specialty consumer for checking records (related to individual payment history).

This company is supposed to provide one free report every 12 months if you request it.

Have you received an an adverse action notice from preventing you from accessing a banking or credit card account?

Contact TeleCheck here:

TeleCheck Services, Inc.
14141 Southwest Freeway Suite #300
Sugar Land, TX 77478
To Request by Phone: 1-800-366-2425

Request your Free Annual Report from the Telecheck Service.

Visit the companies website here to learn more about requesting your free annual file.

Want more information about the Telecheck Services Report?

Telecheck Services sells access to consumer data and they may have a report that has affected your ability to access financial services.

According to their website  “When you present your check to the sales clerk, your check is authorized through TeleCheck system that captures banking information and the amount of the check.”

Consumers are eligible to request a free copy of their report in order to see what Telecheck has been reporting.

Early Warning Services  provides risk management solutions to financial institutions, government and payment companies. They also claim to be “owned and governed by seven of the largest banks in the United States.”

Share Your Experiences with the Telecheck Services.

Has your check or payment recently been denied by an company because of a Telecheck Report? Have you been denied access to banking or credit services? Are you struggling to correct errors on your specialty credit report or even to obtain a free annual copy of your Telecheck Report from the Reporting Bureau? Please share your experiences in the “Reviews” tab above.


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