ExamOne ScriptCheck Prescription History Report - Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

ExamOne ScriptCheck Prescription History Report – Quest Diagnostics, Inc.


All individuals are entitled to free annual disclosure of their prescription history file from ExamOne / Quest Diagnostics, Inc. To obtain your file disclosure, call the ScriptCheck consumer request line by telephone at 1-844-225-8047. See below for additional instructions to make a request online or by mail.

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We upgraded our request process! If you’d like to use the Internet to request your ExamOne ScriptCheck Prescription History Report from Quest Diagnostics, go to SpecialScores.com. If you want to submit your request by telephone or mail, read below for instructions.

ExamOne ScriptCheck Prescription History Report from Quest Diagnostics, Inc. is a specialty consumer reporting agency for prescription history and pharmacy records (related to individual medical information).

ExamOne Headquarters
Attn: ScriptCheck Consumer Report Disclosure Compliance Department
10101 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, Kansas 66219
ScriptCheck Consumer Report Request Telephone: 1-844-225-8047.

All individuals are entitled to an annual disclosure of their prescription history file from ExamOne / Quest Diagnostics, Inc. To obtain your file disclosure, call the ScriptCheck consumer request line by telephone at 1-844-225-8047.

Background about the ExamOne ScriptCheck Prescription History Report from ExamOne / Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

According to the LA Times,  the company ExamOne sells a for-profit service called ScriptCheck that “exists to rat you out regardless of how diligent you are in trying to keep a sensitive matter under wraps.”

More from the LA Times investigative report, “Your Prescription is Their Business”:

ScriptCheck, offered by ExamOne, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, is yet another example of data mining — using sophisticated programs to scour databases in search of people’s personal information and then selling that info to interested parties.

And thanks to ScriptCheck, the insurer doesn’t have to give things a second thought. By purchasing this or a similar service, the insurer can be notified of all prescriptions you’ve filled in recent years, regardless of how you paid.

Turns out, tracking down such information isn’t that difficult.

Forty-eight states, including California, maintain databases that monitor people’s prescription-drug use, although access to this information is generally limited to doctors, pharmacists and government officials.

In the private sector, pharmacy benefit managers, the powerful middlemen for insurers and drugstores in most prescription-drug transactions, also keep detailed records of who’s taking what.

And Quest Diagnostics, ExamOne’s parent, knows a thing or two about many people’s conditions. The company bills itself as the world’s leading provider of medical diagnostic services, such as blood, urine and genetic tests. Roughly a third of U.S. adults interact with the company each year, Quest says.

From a purely business perspective, a service like ScriptCheck is perfectly understandable. An insurer would be remiss if it didn’t use every tool at its disposal to determine the risk posed by policyholders and prospective policyholders.

From a privacy perspective, it’s just plain spooky.

No one at ExamOne or Quest Diagnostics responded to my requests for comment.

But ExamOne’s website says that ScriptCheck “enables expedited delivery of prescription and related information to underwriters and investigators for use during the risk assessment or claim investigation process.”

“Profiles include the results of a five-year history search with detailed drug and insurance eligibility information, treating physicians, drug indications and pharmacy information,” it says.

And the service doesn’t end with a list of people’s meds. It also provides best guesses as to a patient’s underlying medical condition, “which is derived from the predictive modeling that is performed by Optum MedPoint.”

MedPoint is a service offered by another for-profit medical data broker, OptumInsight, a subsidiary of insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, which also has voluminous files on people’s healthcare.

A “case study” on ExamOne’s website says ScriptCheck “greatly decreases the time to perform risk assessments and integrates complete prescription drug histories into a real-time underwriting process.”

It says ScriptCheck relies primarily on “drug histories provided by the largest Pharmacy Benefit Management companies in the United States.” (Read the full LA Times report,  “Your Prescription is Their Business” (10/21/13)).

According to the ExamOne ScriptCheck website, ScriptCheck is a “Prescription History Profiling Tool”. ExamOne.com provides additional information in its marketing materials:

As an underwriter, wouldn’t it be great if you could gather greater insights into your applicants’ prescription history? What if there was a tool that helped facilitate precision underwriting? With our improved prescription database, you can obtain a more in-depth review of your applicants’ prescription history. ScriptCheck is now a more powerful tool aiding in the underwriting process.

Better data. More savings.

How does using ScriptCheck save you money? Underwriters tell us they only use three years of eligibility data to make decisions — anything more than that isn’t used. So while we receive the same seven years of eligibility as competitors do, we only provide the last three years to underwriters. This data is clean, accurate prescription data that allows you to make informed underwriting decisions about your applicants.

Exclusive access to OptumRX

Quest Diagnostics has exclusive access to OptumRX claims information. OptumRX, owned by UnitedHealth Group is the third largest pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) in the country and is the preferred PBM of UnitedHealthcare. This data provides a more comprehensive review of your applicant’s prescription drug history.

Cleaner data, straight from the source

We currently access more than 70 percent of the PBM market. How does this affect underwriting decisions? Through our PBM relationships we go directly to the source and collect the pharmacy claims regardless of where they fill their prescriptions. By using this strategy, you receive information on the drugs you care about for underwriting. It recognizes mail order maintenance as well as specialty drugs, in addition to any retail prescription purchases. This data approach provides you with the most complete and accurate picture of your applicant’s Rx claims history.

More intelligent design

With the new infrastructure you will experience improved functionality. The new design will help you:

– Identify potential diseases based on an individual’s prescription history
– Determine if an applicant is following their maintenance drug plans as prescribed
– Identify drug interactions that could be causing medical problems
– Recognize specialties of all the doctors prescribing medication to your applicants
– Uncover hidden health issues

As a leader in the insurance industry, we are committed to helping our clients obtain the best and most accurate data, while also facilitating precision underwriting.

The ExamOne ScriptCheck website does not appear to provide any information for consumers about requesting a consumer disclosure of the ScriptCheck credit report file or any links to company’s “Clear & Easily Understandable Information and Instructions to Consumers” (i.e, Help or FAQ section). Additionally, the website does not appear to provide a streamlined toll-free number or links thereto “Clearly & Prominently” posted on its website.

To obtain your annual file disclosure, call the ScriptCheck consumer request line by telephone at 1-844-225-8047.

The ExamOne / ScriptCheck business and marketing telephone number is 1-800-677-6726.

The ExamOne / Quest Diagnostics Corporate Telephone Number is 1-877-933-9261.