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Here’s a sample form to request a free annual copy of your Tenant Data Rental History Report from Tenant Data Services.


Product Description

Select “Add to Cart” for a sample form to make a free annual consumer report request from Tenant Data Services, a specialty consumer reporting agency for residential and tenant history. Alternatively, consumers may call the Tenant Data Services – Tenant Data Rental History Report toll-free disclosure request line at 1-800-228-1837.

Tenant Data Services has been in the business of providing applicant screening services to the rental industry since 1992. Tenant Data Services offers landlords a variety of consumer information for the purpose of residential application decision-making. Tenant Data Services provides the rental industry with a variety of consumer data on “Rental Performance History” including the following information: Damages, Evictions, Lease Violations, Noise Complaints, Past Due/Unpaid Balances, Rent & Deposit Verification, Lease Skips, and Unauthorized Pets.

Tenant Data Services is classified as a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). All consumers are entitled to annual disclosure of their Tenant Data Rental History Report. Individuals can contact Tenant Data Services by telephone at 1-800-228-1837 to request an annual disclosure of their Tenant Data Rental History Report or submit a written request by mail to the following address: “Tenant Data Services, Inc., Attn: Rental History Report File Disclosure, P.O. Box 5404, Lincoln NE, 68505-0404.”

Has your application for a rental house or apartment recently been denied by a landlord because of a rental credit report or tenant screening blacklist? Are you struggling to correct errors on your specialty tenant screening credit report or even to obtain a free annual copy of your report? Please share your experiences in the “Reviews” tab above.